Paint me a picture.

As I rode along the flat and recently paved highway from Lira to Dokolo, I found myself lost in the natural beauty of this place. The never ending blue sky, speckled with marshmallow clouds, a rainbow joining earth and sky, the rolling green grasses blowing gently with the wind and mango and banana trees spot the landscape. I sat breathless, taken away by the beauty and life of this place and began to reflect on the beauty of people. I began asking myself, “What makes people beautiful?”. I think for everyone the answer may vary but my ponderings led me to the following end: I notice that the beauty I see in people deeply reflects my values. I identify beauty initially by a smile; from smiles that move the face slightly from stationary to smiles that take up the whole face. I see beauty in the moment where laughter unites. I see beauty in discussion or in someone lost in deep reflection. What makes people beautiful to you?

Written Sunday, May 20, 2012



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4 responses to “Paint me a picture.

  1. Kathryn Stasiuk Riddell

    I feel like I notice what I think is beauty in a person when I am surprised by someones courage, kindness, intuition, or inspiration. I think someone is beautiful if they’re open enough to notice parts of their mentality or personality that could be hurting others or themselves, and desire to judge themselves less, to criticize others less.

    I also think you’re a very beautiful person, because you’re an endlessly hard worker, logical and critical thinker, and you inspire others to become leaders. You definitely inspired me 🙂

    Beautiful post.


  2. Mariam Javed

    You know what I love the most? When you catch someone looking down at a cellphone smiling or when you see a two people hugging each other with their eyes closed or when your at a graduation and you can’t help but notice all the tears in every parents eyes or when your walking down the street and you catch someone singing to the song playing on their ipod/in the car to their radio.

    Raw, natural emotion is what make people beautiful to me too!!

    I also agree with Kathryn, YOU are a beautiful person and I hope you are soaking in this beautiful journey!!


    • Your words capture the idea of raw, natural emotion so effectively!! Now, every time I look down at my cell phone and catch myself smiling, I think of you 🙂

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