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Rediscovering my passion.

Midina – farmer in Kikunhu Parish and agent of Sukura, Iganga

Please don’t tell me you are “proud of me” or that I am doing a “good cause”.  I am just another person – saying things as I see them and telling people what I think – I am no genius and I definitely should not be getting any respect because I am “in Africa” (why is this so special?).  If you care to tell people about me, tell them about what I am saying.  Tell them that the perception of Uganda and more largely Africa needs to change, this is not a pity party and lollipops and handouts are not needed.  Give your respect and words of praise to farmers.  Farmers like Midina who work tirelessly but carry a smile and laugh that could light up the world; who rely on farming for their livelihood, not just as a hobby. Listen to their plights; what systems are holding them back? Why do choices between school and food need to happen? Ask questions like how can we support change where deciding between food, water, health and education DOES NOT happen? Where the word decision is between what to eat not if you eat!  These systems are so complex and the solutions will have to be equally as complex…from my limited understanding, from my limited scope of knowledge, I am trying to support sustainable systems that allow Midina to access good, reliable seed, fertilizer, pesticide yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Systems that guarantee access where there is demand and allow farming to shift from subsistence to a means to earn one’s livelihood.  Maybe I am naive, maybe I am young…fine; I will agree with you on both of those accounts but the world we live in is NOT the one I see in my head and I am not satisfied sitting back, putting my head down and pretending it is.  The only way I know how begin to figure out where to start is to experience many different things, get many perspectives and move messages around; challenge assumptions and to push for change.  But the biggest question that I have been juggling is where does change begin? Is it from the inside-out? Or, outside-in? Where should I begin? How do I begin working towards a world where the questions people must ask themselves do not challenge their existence but what they do with their existence?




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