My name is Emily Nickerson and I am currently in my third year of Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph in Ontario.  This summer I worked in Uganda with EWB’s Agriculture Value Chains (AVC) Venture.  The AVC venture works to unlock the potential of the agriculture sector through improving markets.


The ideas and thoughts shared in the blog are solely my own and do not express the views of Engineers Without Borders. I have worked overseas in the development sector for a short time frame and developed an understanding of field level realities in the seed industry of Eastern Uganda.  I enjoy testing hypotheses, exploring new perspectives and embracing unknowns. This blog will contain all these ideas as I learn and grow and I hope that you will challenge and engage in my posts. I in no way claim to know everything and hope that this blog, if anything, will peak your interest as I share my experiences about development, my community and the wonderful people that I will be living and working with. Keep in mind that you will just be getting a glimpse of Uganda through a tiny lens. Note that the lens that I will be presenting my ideas through stems from my background, my roots and the paradigms and perspectives that I consciously and subconsciously have grown up with. I will be speaking as a privileged white person, as a young woman, as a Canadian and as an engineering student; be aware that these lenses exist as you read my blog.

Thanks and happy reading!


3 responses to “About

  1. mundrugo Sunday James

    Emily I have liked your blog its interesting and I hope you will continue with the spirit of sharing what you have attained and the experience you ha e gained from the field , this inspires me to borrow a leaf from you , am a ugandan doing the same course of water and sanitation engineering at a diploma level in Uganda ( kampala polytechnic mengo) hope to get more blogs from you

  2. please u teel me about water resources carrier my contect no is 918052712572

  3. Bakasho Eticha

    Wow! Emily i liked your blog heartly; ihave studed water resources & irrigation engineering in ethiopia, iam glad if i get oppurtune to work with you

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